fragments of lost memory through the lens of gravity, light and time


Times Quotidian Interview, with Guy Zimmerman. Read Interview.

The Tinlark, Los Angeles, CA. Group Show.

Filmforum at the Egyptian, Los Angeles, CA. One Person Show.

Newspace, Portland, OR. Group Show.

Barnsdale Art Center, Los Angeles, CA. Group Show.

Hanover Film Festival, Hanover, Germany. Group Show.

Bremen Film Festival, Bremen, Germany. Group Show.

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI Group Show.

21 Grand, Oakland, CA Group Show, curator Sarah Lockhart.

Teluride Experimental Film Exhibition, Group Show.

Exploding Cinema, London England, Group Show.

ATA San Francisco, CA. Group Show curator Sarah Lockhart.

The Blinding Light Cinema Vancouver, BC. One person show.

911 Media Arts Center Seattle, WA. Group show curator Peter Mitchell.

Gallery 207 West Hollywood, CA. One person show.

Beyond Baroque Venice, CA. Two person show.

Spanish Kitchen Los Angeles, CA. Two person show.

Filmfourm Los Angeles, CA. Group show curators Erik Deutschman and Relah Eckstein.

Filmfourm Los Angeles, CA. Group show. curator Jon Stout.

Experimental Film Coalition. Chicago, IL. Group show curator John Schofill.

Newport Film Festival. Newport, RI. Group show curator David Korb.